Meet the Agency Team

GAINSCO Auto Insurance Agency is proud to serve customers who prefer to shop for their auto insurance using web marketplaces and online tools. Each member of our team has extensive knowledge of the GAINSCO Auto Insurance product and how it can best serve you. Our agents will work to find you discounts and the best price to ensure dependable coverage at an affordable price.

Sarahi Leyva
Sarahi LeyvaAgency Services Manager
Bertha Rodriguez
Bertha RodriguezAgency Sales Manager
Linda Patino
Linda PatinoAgency Supervisor
Savina Vallejo
Savina VallejoCertified Sales Agent
Anthony Vega
Anthony VegaCertified Sales Agent
Cordia Francis
Cordia FrancisCertified Sales Agent
Emma Soto
Emma SotoCustomer Support Specialist
Hatziri Rancano
Hatziri RancanoOnboarding Specialist
Armando Ayala
Armando AyalaCertified Sales Agent
Claudia Contreras
Claudia ContrerasOnboarding Specialist
Hugo Ruiz
Hugo RuizCertified Sales Agent
Madelane Watson
Madelane WatsonCustomer Support Specialist
Maria Benavides
Maria BenavidesCustomer Support Specialist
Irma Gallegos
Irma GallegosCustomer Support Specialist
Rene Aranda
Rene ArandaAgency Onboarding Specialist
Vivian Ortiz
Vivian OrtizCertified Sales Agent
Kasche Turner
Kasche TurnerCustomer Support Specialist
Johnny Garcia
Johnny GarciaCertified Sales Agent
Celia Lavarreda
Celia LavarredaCertified Sales Agent
Yesenia Varela
Yesenia VarelaOnboarding Specialist
Diane Escutia
Diane EscutiaAgency Service Lead
Sandra Mendoza
Sandra MendozaCertified Sales Agent
Salvador Munoz
Salvador MunozCustomer Support Specialist
Skylar Pruner
Skylar PrunerCertified Sales Agent
Zane Ewing
Zane EwingCertified Sales Agent
Vanessa Benitez
Vanessa BenitezCustomer Support Specialist
Vanessa West
Vanessa WestCertified Sales Agent
Adriana Garcia
Adriana GarciaAgency Account Representative
Cali Martinez
Cali MartinezCustomer Support Specialist
William Martin
William MartinCertified Sales Agent
Gerson Vazquez
Gerson VazquezCertified Sales Agent
Jasmine Coleman
Jasmine ColemanCertified Sales Agent
Josie Chuwa
Josie ChuwaCertified Sales Agent
Kimberly Thomas
Kimberly ThomasCertified Sales Agent
Leslie Romero
Leslie RomeroCertified Sales Agent
Kendall Price
Kendall PriceCertified Sales Agent
Maria Munoz
Maria MunozCertified Sales Agent
Tyrechia Miles
Tyrechia MilesCertified Sales Agent