Meet the Agency Team

GAINSCO Auto Insurance Agency is proud to serve customers who prefer to shop for their auto insurance using web marketplaces and online tools. Each member of our team has extensive knowledge of the GAINSCO Auto Insurance product and how it can best serve you. Our agents will work to find you discounts and the best price to ensure dependable coverage at an affordable price.

Sarahi Leyva
Sarahi LeyvaAgency Services Manager
“I love learning about customers’ needs. Insurance is something the customer can’t see or feel. It is my job to educate the customer on necessary coverages and most importantly arrange the coverage that meets their specific needs. Arranging this partnership between clients and GAINSCO and doing it well is something that I really enjoy.”
Rene Aranda
Rene ArandaCertified Sales Agent
“I strive to provide great customer service, educate our customers on their insurance needs and functions, all while saving them money.”
Lizbeth Dominguez
Lizbeth DominguezCertified Sales Agent
“I enjoy helping people obtain auto insurance by determining their insurance needs. It is about building relationships with my clients and gaining their trust. Here at GAINSCO, we are family and this is also how I feel about my clients as well. I like to connect with my clients and guide them through their GAINSCO Auto Insurance experience.”
Adriana Garcia-Trevino
Adriana Garcia-TrevinoCertified Sales Agent
“When I was young, my father instilled this motto in my mind: “When a business does something good for somebody, that somebody feels good about that business.” Customer Service has always been part of my adult life, and I’ve tried to give without expecting any reward in return because that has a special quality of its own. I strongly believe that some customers may forget what I said, but they will never forget how I made them feel. Keeping a customer demands as much skill as winning one; that is why I love to thank my customers for the opportunity and trust they give me when they purchase a GAINSCO policy through me. I love my job!”
William Martin
William Martin Certified Sales Agent
“Sales and service are my passions. I love informing customers about different coverages that would fit their needs. GAINSCO is a great company and I am glad to be part of the team.”
Skylar Pruner
Skylar PrunerCertified Sales Agent
“GAINSCO has been a wonderful experience so far. Everyone is so friendly and always willing to help. I love helping clients get the coverages they need at a very affordable rate.”
Miguel Padilla
Miguel Padilla Certified Sales Agent
“I love working at GAINSCO. I actually haven’t felt happier in any other job. My team is so helpful at all times, and there’s always something new to learn which is awesome.”
Kimberly Thomas
Kimberly ThomasCertified Sales Agent
“I love helping others by saving them money on their auto insurance, and they truly are grateful. Working for GAINSCO is like being part of a large extended family. Everyone is very caring, positive, supportive, and happy; this shines through while we are on the phones with our customers. I truly enjoy my job.”
Savina Vallejo
Savina Vallejo Certified Sales Agent
“I am new to the insurance world and am in agency sales. Before this position, I worked retail for 12 years. I have 10+ years’ experience in customer service. I enjoy the relationships I build with customers because the conversation you have with them could make their day.”
Vanessa West
Vanessa WestCertified Sales Agent
“I have 20 years of experience in customer service. I love helping customers. GAINSCO gives me the opportunity to demonstrate my experience and express my passion by providing me with the tools to service our customers’ auto insurance needs. Walking into GAINSCO is like walking into a family gathering; it is that type of environment that keeps us all motivated.”
Rene Avila
Rene Avila Sales/Customer Support Specialist
“Insurance can often be a difficult investment for some to make. Those that do make the jump sometimes aren’t motivated to keep their policies up to date. As a Retention Specialist, I look forward not only to contributing to our future clients’ transition into the GAINSCO family, but also with the upkeep of their policy which can be overwhelming.”
Julia Berrios
Julia BerriosCustomer Support Specialist
“I get satisfaction from helping customers with their insurance policies and helping them understand how insurance works. I believe that insureds should be educated in insurance terminology as I provide excellent customer service.”
Robert Brutcher
Robert BrutcherCustomer Support Specialist
“I enjoy providing solutions for my customers’ insurance needs no matter how complicated the issue may be. GAINSCO provides me with the tools to provide the best customer service and this helps me help my customers. I work with an upbeat and positive group of people. We love what we do and work towards the same goal each and every day.”
Lidia Candia
Lidia CandiaCustomer Support Specialist
“It is important to be able to assist and deliver excellence in customer service. Without our customers, there is no GAINSCO. Building an extraordinary relationship with customers provides me great pleasure. It assures me that I have exceeded in what I love to do which is provide great service. I have always believed that a happy service representative leads to a happy customer.”
Claudia Contreras
Claudia ContrerasCustomer Support Specialist
“Working at GAINSCO has been an amazing experience. It may be simple to have good customer service but our GAINSCO family goal is to provide the BEST customer service experience. This means taking on the challenge to be truly attentive to our insureds, listening to all their concerns, assisting them during their request, all while delivering professional, helpful, high quality service.”
Diana Escutia
Diana EscutiaCustomer Support Specialist
“I like to put myself in the customer’s shoes and treat them as I would like to be treated if I were on the other end of the phone. To ensure that I accomplish this, every time I speak to a customer I provide a service experience they won’t forget. I want my service to be the reason they smile at the end of the call. My favorite feeling is when my service has satisfied and made a customer happy.”
Cali Martinez
Cali MartinezCustomer Support Specialist
“I enjoy being helpful to my customers while providing the best customer service experience. I am a firm believer of first call resolution, and I strive to end each call on a positive note. I work with a wonderful team; we all share the same passion for excellence.”
Linda Patino
Linda PatinoSales/Customer Support Specialist
“Providing an exceptional customer experience is very important to me. I find an overwhelming joy when customers feel that we value their business.”
Skye Segovia
Skye SegoviaCustomer Support Specialist
“What drives me is the ability to aid my customers and know that they can rely on me or the rest of my team. As their agent, it is my promise to do everything in my power to make sure they are satisfied!”